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June 27 2011

Breathing under water made easy.

May 25 2011

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Breathing under water is possible.
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May 23 2011

Velocity via jumping.
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May 22 2011

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There is always gold at the end of a rainbow.
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Socialscience: Getting free pizza.

May 15 2011

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Walking on water - in need of development.

May 11 2011

Traveling to the moon via harpoon.
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May 08 2011

Energy via airballs.
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Gold x ΔGravity = Money.
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May 07 2011

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Energy via Portaldevice.
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May 05 2011

Workout via pulleys.
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May 04 2011

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Somehowscience: Ultimate orgasm.

May 01 2011

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In need of a solution.
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Chinese translation science.
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April 23 2011

Oxidation is bad for you.
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April 19 2011

Downhill speed.
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April 18 2011

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Solar perpetuum mobile.

April 13 2011

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The glas of water is always full.
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April 09 2011

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